Panama City Beach Realty | How to stage Your Home

Selling your House? Have you decided to stage your home? You’ve made the right choice. Staged homes always perform better than non-staged homes, and they give your home a personality and context that buyers can relate to. Even if you’re living in the home, you can still prepare a beautiful set to draw in those offers.


                                Here are five tips to get you started.


1. Down to the Basics

Before you begin sprucing up your place, be sure to fix any leaky sinks, holes in the walls, Broken blinds, or any other basic issues in your home. Issues like these will be immediately noticeable to your buyer.


2. Lighting is KEY

Light is everything when it comes to highlighting your home’s features. Make sure all of your home’s light fixtures are working and effective. If a room is too dark, try adding an extra lamp or opening the curtains. Enough Natural lighting works, especially if your home has a lovely view to the outside.


3. Keep Decorating simple

Simplicity is essential when it comes to decorating. Get rid of excessive clutter and focus on keeping things symmetrical and clean. Potential buyers don’t need to see your Victorian plate collection. Over-decorating can distract from your house, as buyers may not have the same idea of “home sweet home” that you do.


4. Do Some Research!

When it comes to color, finding the best combinations shouldn’t be an estimation. Paint is expensive, so make sure you pick a combo that works. Look at examples of other staged homes or housing magazines. Pick a color scheme and match it to your furniture and decorations.


5. Keep Things Clean!

Your house is fixed up, clean, and ready for viewing… but does it smell as clean as it looks? Sometimes lighting a candle will enhance your environment, acting as an extra decoration as well. Make sure to use a pleasant smelling candle and use caution when deciding where to place it.