Not all Real Estate Agents are equal...

Experience and current knowledge of your market should be two of the most important factors when choosing your Realtor.  Take the time to understand who you're hiring when you choose a Real Estate Agent to sell your home.  Fully understand what he or she can do for you.  Treat the sell of your home like the Business Transaction that it is.  A friend of a friend, a family member, or part-time agent most likely will not deliver to you the results that you expect.  Here are a few questions that I recommend that you ask before you sign a listing agreement:

1. How many homes have you personally listed and sold in the past 120 days?
    this obviously speaks to the current work history
2. How many homes have you recently sold in my neighborhood?
    this will tell you how current they are with values in your neighborhood
3. How many homes do you currently have active for sale in our market?
    this will help you validate how active they are in the market
4. Are you a fulltime Realtor, do you have a second job? 
    will show how committed they are to the industry and their availability
5. How long have you been a licensed Realtor?
    this will help you verify their success and commitment
6. Do you split your listing commission equally 50/50 with a buyer's broker?
    this speaks volumes to their willingness to bring you a fair deal
7. Can you give me five references from sellers that you've recently worked for?
    a successful agent should want you to verify their performance
8. How many of your own listings have you sold and closed both sides yourself?
    this will tell you how committed your agent is to selling their own listings
9. Are you a member of the local Real Estate Board where my home is located?
    this is a vital part of making sure that your home is seen by all local buyer's agents
    and their potential buyers.  Out of market listing agents put you at a disadvantage


Research any prospective Agent before you commit.  Google all candidates... What will a potential buyer see when he or she does the same?  Your goal is to hire a Realtor who you feel is the most capable to help you sell your home in the least amount of time, and for the highest price.  Their experience, availability, visibility and fairness are all detrimental to your success.